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Idle Hour Theater (Now the Moonlight Theatre)

The history of what is now Moonlight Theatre, located in downtown St. Charles, IL, has its roots in Vaudeville and silent movies.

Built in 1900, the Idle Hour Theater was known in its early years solely for its live Vaudeville entertainment, which stemmed from various shows from both traveling and local groups.
Famous names like John Phillip Sousa and his orchestra, among others, drew packed houses of eager enthusiasts. This entertainment hot spot had a 325-seat auditorium and charged a ten-cent admission for adults and five cents for children.

The theater experienced a sharp increase in popularity when it began incorporating silent movies, beginning with “A Wonderful Night” in 1914. Another attraction for the Idle Hour was the addition of multi-part serials that continued from week to week, comparable to today’s soap operas.

The Idle Hour Theater closed in 1926.  The last film shown was Lon Chaney, starring in “Road to Mandalay.”   The Idle Hour Theater building has gone through many owners and has housed several different businesses over the years. 

Now that new owners have lovingly restored the theatrical space, The Idle Hour Theatre’s legacy as a live entertainment venue will live on as Moonlight Theatre.

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